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Quentin Ricci
3D Graphist & Supervisor
Brussels & remote, available from early 2022
Digital Graphics - 2021
"Anna & Friends"
Layout Artist
Walking the Dog - 2021
"Le Crépuscule"
Layout Artist
MacGuff Belgium - 2020
"Around the World"
Quality Check Animation Supervisor
Studio Souza - 2018/2019
"The Streetparty"
Layout, Shading Artist & Lighting Supervisor
Umedia VFX - 2018
"Santa & Cie"
CG Generalist
Walking the Dog - 2016/2017
"Another Day of Life"
Shading, Lighting Artist & CG Supervisor
Illumination MacGuff - 2014/2016
"The Secret Life of Pets"
Assistant CG Supervisor & Crowd Management
Illumination MacGuff - 2013/2014
Assistant CG Supervisor & Crowd Management
Illumination MacGuff - 2011/2013
"Despicable Me 2"
Assistant CG Supervisor & Crowd Management
Illumination MacGuff - 2010/2011
Assistant CG Supervisor & Crowd Management
Animal Logic - 2010
"Legend of Guardians"
Technical Animation & Animation Crowd Artist
MacGuff Ligne - 2009/2010
"Despicable Me"
Quality Check Animation & Crowd Animation Support
About Me
Very enthusiastic, team player, providing technical as well as artistic support
Supinfocom Valenciennes School - 2005
Master's Degree
Image Engeneering and Digital Filmmaking
Some recommendations
Chloe Lang-Willar - 3D Animator at Illumination MacGuff
Quentin saved my life! even if he has tones of work to do, he is so efficient he always finds time for help, debug or urgent last minute needs...
Not only his excellent technical skills in many domains, he is always friendly and smilling.
I would love to work with him again.
Jo Plaete - Animation Crowd Technical Director at Animal Logic
Quentin impressed me with the speed and easy he integrated himself into our team.
With a minimal introduction into our in-house crowd system he quickly commenced to push out quality work and delivered an invaluable contribution to finishing the workload.
Hope to work with this man again some day!
Karine Friang - VFX Producer at MacGuff Ligne
Quentin is a very valuable member of any team.
He’s a great artist as well as a super technical employee.
Most of all, he's a friendly guy and easy to get along with.
I highly recommend Quentin.
Nicolas Combecave - Rigging Supervisor at Illumination MacGuff
Since Quentin joined the pipeline team on DespicableMe, we gained a very autonomous and qualified maya generalist. More, he understood well and easily what happens before and after his task, which saves a lot of iterations in the process of creating a feature film.
I totally agree with previous recommandations.
Virginie Taravel - Director short movie "Nicolas & Guillemette" at MacGuff Ligne
Quentin worked as a Character Animator on my short movie and he did a very great work.
It was a real pleasure to work with him because he is very talentuous and inventive !
I hope I will have the opportunity to work with him again !
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